Born from our entrepreneurial spirit, BATECH is the Catalan brand that since 2012 is reinventing the fashion industry.

It was more than ten years ago when Batech emerged from the merger between the specialties of its two founders: engineering and textiles. It all started with a clear idea: fashion has to go far beyond aesthetics. Convinced that we should expect more from our clothes and that textile technology is key to the future of fashion, they both decided to give their careers a whole new direction and turn Batech into their life project.

Since then, at Batech we’ve been committed to an innovative alternative with the development of local technical fabrics, which are opening up the way for the smart clothing market in Catalonia. Comfort, elegance and minimalism converge into unique pieces with multiple advantages that allow us to minimize the inconveniences of the weather and simplify your day to day. More info >

The fiber that moves us

That enterpreneurial visionary mindset. The inner curiosity that makes us keep learning, constantly renovating. Our ambition and seek for challenges that bring us innovation. But above all, the passion for what we do.This is what genuinly moves us. We like to call it "batec", which in Catalan means “beat”. Because when you love your job and strive for what you do, the result is intrinsically better.

We admire those capable of transforming whatever is around them through good ideas and great effort. We share with them a way of doing and being that certainly defines all of those who are part of the Batech community. Starting with our customers.

That’s why our purpose is to inspire other professionals to reinvent themselves and do what they are passionate about, accompanying them in their day to day life with our smart clothes.

We commit to quality.
Of life.

We don’t want to settle. Because a job well done, “this thing of ours,” is part of Batech’s DNA. We strive to evolve at every step, in order to bring a better quality of life to the people we dress. In this way, we create collections that adapt to any day-to-day situation and offer our customers a personalized service.


Each one of the Batech pieces is designed in Barcelona and manufactured entirely in workshops all over Catalonia, from the buttons to the labels. All produced locally and ethically, supporting local trade.