Liquid repellent on the outside, ultra-absorbing & soft on the inside. The double-layered Hydroslide fabric has it all to become the new standard in comfort and ensure you look impeccable, anywhere you go.


Like wearing nothing. That's how you could describe the spectacular feeling of comfort you'll experience when Hydroslide fabric touches your skin.

This successful new technology has been developed to put your comfort first. With a water-repellent, accident-proof finish, a high level of breathability and moisture absorption, incredibly cool and soft to the touch, total freedom of movement, produced with sustainable material.

Hydroslide technology doesn't work magic, but it’s close. Discover the full potential of this new smart fabric >


The droplets run off the surface, keeping the fabric impeccable.

Ultra soft

Exquisitely fresh and soft to the touch, it guarantees comfort for sensitive skin.

Moisture wicking

Transfers moisture from your body to the inner layer to keep you cool and dry.

Strong & stretchy

It allows total freedom of movement, without losing shape or quality.

Wash & wear

It dries quickly and doesn’t require ironing once it’s out of the washing machine.

Premium natural fiber

Uses natural materials from sustainable sources with low environmental impact.


our secret

Hydroslide technology innovates in a double-layer formula, where high-tech fibers are fused with natural, sustainably sourced materials. The result is an incredibly comfortable fabric that gives you total freedom of movement and makes getting dressed a real pleasure.

The outer shell features a water-repellent, accident-proof finish, giving you peace of mind that you'll always look impeccable wherever you are. Splashes of water, coffee, wine; the new smart technology makes them slide right off.

In addition, thanks to the high strength and elasticity of its filaments, the fabric does not deform, minimizing wrinkles, so you can forget about ironing.

On the other side, the inner layer stands out for being exquisitely cool and soft, ideal for sensitive skin. The fabric construction offers enhanced breathability, with great moisture wicking power that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, keeping the skin dry and protected.

And that's not all. Hydroslide also strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible and, as with all our fabrics, to promote low-impact local production. That's why the inner layer works with wood pulp residues from sustainable plantations, which do not use pesticides or other chemicals and minimize excess water and energy, both in the production and care of your garments.


very easy, according to its properties

Washing tmperature

Wash it at 30˚C with a normal wash cycle and a maximum of 600 rpm.

No drying machine

It’s not necessary and this way you’ll avoid wrinkles. Just hang it on a hanger and let it air dry.

No bleach or fabric softener

Use only neutral soap or for colored and delicate clothing.

No ironing

If you want to iron it, do it at a very low temperature and avoiding seams.